So, due to issues with Fedora, I ended up looking for a new distro to run. And behold, I tried OpenSUSE.

picture of KDE on OpenSUSE, with a green tech-themed background

And I have to say, OpenSUSE is snappy, stable, and far smoother than Fedora ever was with KDE. KDE has always been my favorite of the DEs. Since my days of KDE3 under Mandrake Linux and Mandriva, on to Kanotix and Knoppix, and even Kubuntu, it’s honestly been what I love because of its aesthetics and customization options.

But Fedora’s version of KDE was exceptionally buggy, with Akregator and KMail crashing often and hard, and even something like Falkon being almost unusable. Steam barely worked, often taking the entirety of Wayland with it, and not even giving me access to the context menu if I accidentally closed it, forcing me to killall steam just to close and reopen it. It was enough to get me to try Gnome Shell, for Arceus sake.

But on OpenSUSE, it’s like butter. I’ve had one crash from Akregator when I put in a badly-formed URI, and one from Falkon that happened because an advert snuck through and caused a crash. That’s it.

As long as they don’t pull an Ubuntu and suddenly pivot away from usability (so long, Unity), I think I’ve found my distro.